Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I am a home school mom to 3 kids, and I am new to this life. I started homeschooling last fall when we moved to North Cal and I was appalled unimpressed by the local schools. I started researching my options. Private schools, charters and homeschooling. I have 4 sisters who all home school, so there was a natural inclination in that direction. 
Wait... Am I crazy?
I love sending my kids off to school. Let me rephrase that, I love having my kids go to school. I do not "send" them off. Since Bear was in 3rd grade and Tie was in 2nd, my independent children have gotten themselves up, dressed and off to the bus with no help from me. They would hollar up the stair, "Bye Mom! Love you." and off to school they would go while I was still asleep, snuggled deep under my covers. It was a good system. They quickly taught Junior the routine and in 1st grade he joined the ranks of independent mornings. I loved having my days to myself. I got up when I wanted, lunched with friends, did crafts, shopped, occasionally worked out and got a part time job coaching competitive gymnastics. Now we were off on a new adventure, living in California, Hubby earning a good paycheck with benefits (after 7 years of self employment.) And now I am considering keeping my children home with me all day... EVERY DAY???

In my research, Amy, one of my homeschooling sisters, suggested I listen to several audio seminars from TJedOnline. I listened, I borrowed books from other sisters, and my husband  read listened. I liked what I heard. I wanted that life and education for my kids. But what about "me" time? What about my big plans for my new life. When would I lunch? When would I sit for hours watching HGTV or reading the latest Nora Roberts book?  I was serious. I loved my life and wasd not sure I was ready to give up all my freedoms.

But, after my research I was converted. It took Hubby a little convincing. It made so much sense. As a member of the LDS church, family is my number one priority. Teaching my children is my ultimate responsibility and one day I will be accountable for the adults they become. So our choice was made. We would home school. We would home school using the Thomas Jefferson Principles.
I have had many friends ask how I do it. And they usually aren't referring to the educating itself. I've kept a family blog for a while but thought this was a great opportunity to share our family journey through homeschooling. We are new to this and it is definitely a journey. I am a seminar junky and am trying new things. Here I will share these new ideas and trials as we move toward Leadership Education. 

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